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Why does the Bushmaster Predator not have a chrome lined barrel like the Bushmaster Varminter?

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Our chrome lined barrels and stainless barrels have bores that are 1/2 the Mil-Spec tolerances with 5.56mm NATO Spec chambers and step crowns.
The non chrome lined 24" fluted 1 X 9 Varminter barrels have bores that can be held to 1/2 the tolerances again with a tighter SAAMI Spec headspaced chamber with the longer NATO throat that will accept 5.56mm ammunition and an eleven degree competition crown. They are manufactured to the same specs as our 20" 1 X 8 DCM barrels except for twist rate. The 20" Predator barrel is a fluted DCM barrel. The 20" DCM, 20" Predator and 24" Fluted Varminter barrels are the most accurate barrels that we produce.
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