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What tools are needed for removing a vented aluminum forend from your predator hunting rifle for cleaning, and how?

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To remove the forward tube the upper receiver is placed in an Armorer's Action Clamp in a vise. A strap wrench is used to loosen the forward tube. It is a right hand thread so it comes off counter clockwise. After it is loose it can be unscrewed from the barrel nut. To reinstall the forward tube the locking ring is turned on all the way to the rear of the barrel nut and the forward tube is threaded onto the barrel nut as far as it will go. To index the tube it is backed off to about 45 degrees from the slots and the bipod stud lining up. The locking ring is turned out until it contacts the tube. A strap wrench is then used to tighten and align the tube onto the locking ring.


Like all free floating handguards it is not recommended to remove the handguard for cleaning unless absolutely necessary and definitely not without the proper equipment so that it can be reinstalled correctly.

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