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What parts break most often on the AR15?

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What parts break most often on the AR15? - and why?


If properly operated and maintained, the average shooter will not have to replace any parts on his/her AR15 in their lifetime. There are some wear items - the gas rings, the extractor spring, the extractor, the disconnector, the hammer pin - that may eventually wear out and overheating the weapon is usually the culprit. If the barrel is heated up, cool it down with the bolt open. Lock the bolt back and leave the ejection port cover open.

Placing the weapon in a vertical position helps, too and let it cool until you hold, not just touch, the barrel with your bare hand. This prevents the heat from damaging the parts listed above. Many AR15 parts are damaged - or lost - by people trying to work on their rifles without benefit of the information in the Tech. Manual. For the cost of the user manual, it can save you many more dollars by showing you how to do it right. For problems in the field or on the range, we offer our Emergency Repair Kit which includes: extractor; 2 extractor springs; 2 extractor spring inserts; disconnector. gas ring set; extractor pivot pin; firing pin; 2 firing pin retaining pins; cam pin and spring package of 6 springs.

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