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How much difference is there between the use of the 20" and the 24" barrel?

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With factory ammo, the difference between a 20" barrel and a 24" barrel boils down to about 100 fps (feet per second - velocity). If you handload, you have a greater diversity of loads/powders that will function reliably. The 24" bbl. really does not give you anything extra over a 20" bbl. until you get out to about 400 yards where the extra velocity starts to make a difference. And, the longer barrels do very well with the heavier bullets (69 - 72 grain) at those ranges. If your specific interest is varmint hunting or long range target shooting, you may well benefit from a longer barrel. "DCM" Competition gets very specialized (and very long distance - up to 600 yards) - and when you get to that level, you'll probably want an extra heavy competition barrel - however, "DCM" Competition rules require the use of a 20" barrel. To accurize your DCM use rifle, we also offer 1/4 Minute of Angle Rear Sights with Micro-peeps; DCM legal trigger jobs; "free-floater" type handguard and buttstock counterbalance weights. We have all of these competition parts, so give us a call (1-800-998-7928) or see the Competition Parts Section of the Internet Catalog.

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