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How do I remove or install an A2 Stock?


Procedures to remove or install an A2 stock.

To Remove the A2 Stock

  • To remove the A2 standard buttstock you need to remove the top screw in the buttplate. This is sometimes difficult as the screw has a dab of Nylock thread locker on it.
  • Remove the screw with a large screwdriver with a square shank that fits the screw slot tightly.
  • Use a wrench on the shank of the screwdriver to get extra leverage and the screw will come out.
  • Slide the buttstock off the receiver extension tube.
  • The take down detent spring will be sticking out of the receiver.
  • Remove the spring and set aside until reinstalling a stock so it does not get damaged.
  • Remove the buffer and action spring by pushing down on the buffer retainer.
  • Remove the receiver extension tube with a 5/8" open end wrench being careful to keep the buffer retaining pin from flying out as it is under spring tension.
  • Reverse the procedure to reinstall the stock assembly.
  • When installing the receiver extension be sure that it captures the buffer retainer.
  • When installing the take down detent spring compress it with the stock so that it does not get kinked. Install the top screw to hold the buttstock in place.

To Install the A2 Stock

  • To install an A2 buttstock you need a minimum of a 5/8" open end wrench and a large flat bladed screwdriver.
  • It is recommended to have a Lower Receiver Vise Block a 1/2" drive torque wrench and an Armorer's Wrench for the extension tube installation.
  • Install the buffer retaining spring and buffer retainer in the lower receiver.
  • Thread the buffer extension tube into the receiver while pushing down on the buffer retainer until the extension tube rides over the buffer retainer to hold it in place.
  • Torque the extension tube to 35-39 foot pounds. Install the take down pin, take down pin detent and take down detent spring into the lower receiver.
  • Install the stock spacer onto the rear of the extension then slide the stock onto the buffer extension tube and carefully depress the takedown pin detent spring into the lower so it is not kinked.
  • Install the A2 buttstock screw into the upper hole in the buttplate and tighten until the stock is tight on the receiver.
  • The screw has a dab of Nylock thread locker on it so use a large screwdriver that fits the slot in the screw to keep it from getting damaged.
  • Cock the hammer in the lower and slide the buffer and buffer spring into the stock extension.
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