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How do I install an Ambi Safety?

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Instructions for installing an Ambi Safety.


To install the Ambi safety you need to first remove the old safety by removing the pistol grip with a 3/16" allen wrench. The grip has the safety detent spring in the right side. If the safety detent does not drop out of the receiver move the safety back and forth a few times until it drops to clear the safety. The safety can then be removed from the receiver with the hammer cocked.

Install the new Ambi safety into the receiver. Install the safety detent and the pistol grip with the safety detent spring. Be sure that the detent spring is not binding by moving the safety to the on and off positions and check for positive locking in those positions.

If the roll pin has not been started in the right side lever, then install the roll pin so that it is just protruding to the inside of the lever. Use the roll pin to locate the lever's position and install the 4-40 screw with a 1/16" allen wrench. Then use a drift punch to seat the roll pin.
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