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How are the gas rings removed and installed?

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Replacing the gas rings is recommended approximately every 3,000 rounds.

How to:

  • To replace the gas rings use a prick punch or knife point to lift one end of the gas ring and pull them off the bolt and discard them.
  • To install the new ones place the gas ring over the back of the bolt on top of the flange for the rings.
  • Start the gas ring by placing one end into the groove then work it around until the other end will pop into the groove.
    • Do not spread the gas ring any more than necessary to slip it into the groove.
  • Alternating the center gas ring when installing them will help them not to have a gap line up.
  • The new style gas rings have the gap at an angle so even if they line up with the center ring reversed there will be no continuous gap.
  • The gaps should be staggered 120 degrees apart at 12:00, 4:00 & 8:00 o'clock for example.


NOTE: When installing the bolt into the bolt carrier with new rings installed, push it in until some resistance is felt where the gas rings need to be compressed to fit the smaller diameter inside the carrier. When that resistance is felt wiggle the bolt up and down as well as sideways to compress the rings as the bolt is being pushed all the way in.

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