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Do you have to use oversized handguards if installing a piston conversion kit?

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Yes, we include a set of modified M4 oval handguards with the kits. More room is needed for the offset spigot so the gas piston and operating rod are in-line with the receiver.


Gas piston conversion handguard

The gas piston system will not fit under most handguards. Extra clearance is needed as the gas spigot is offset so the gas piston and operating rod are in line with the receiver.

The ARMS SIR # 50C and # 51C handguards fit with no modifications.

The ARMS # 50M-CV does not fit.

The LWRC handguard needs a very slight modification for barrel clamp clearance.


The Daniel Defense specific gas piston handguard with removable top rail our part # DD-Omega7, not listed online yet, will fit with the conversion # GP-GSR for standard and M4 barrels. The Daniel Defense gas piston handguard will not fit the conversion # GP-GSR-HB for heavy barrels.


The gas piston conversion kit can be ordered less the modified M4 handguards by calling us at 1-800-998-7928.

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