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Bushmaster Rebates


The following tips can help with filing for a rebate for a Bushmaster firearm.

Current Rebates

For Information on current Bushmaster rebates, please click on the following link: Bushmaster rebate

Rebate Forms and Helpful Hints

Bushmaster rebate forms can be filled out online HERE.  Once you fill it out, print it and mail all required documentation to the address listed on the rebate form.

If you simply wish to download the form and fill it out manually, you can download the rebate form HERE.

We recommend that you maintain a photocopy for your personal records of the information you are mailing.


It is extremely important to read and complete all the steps of the rebate.  If any are incomplete or missing documentation, the rebate could be denied.


One of the biggest reasons for rebates being denied or delayed is due to incomplete documentation. 

  • The original cash register receipt(s) MUST be included for each applicable rebate.
  • The original proof of purchase sticker(s) from your box must also be included. 
    • On Bushmaster firearms, this sticker could be INSIDE the box. 
    • Proof of Purchase sticker can be identified by a bar code and will state "proof of purchase" above the code and serial number below the code. See example below:


Send the Proof of Purchase Sticker:

bfi proof of purchase.PNG        



Do not send either of these:

bfi owner registration sticker.PNG          bfi UPC.PNG



Also, be sure to review the purchase date range, postmark date, and particular models that the rebate is offered for.

Rebate Status

It does take some time to process rebates at our fulfillment center.  We ask that you please allow 10-12 weeks for processing.

If it has been 10-12 weeks and you still have not received your rebate, we offer a number of ways to check the status. 

You can go online and fill in your contact information or tracking id through our online tracker HERE.

If you have questions or would like to speak to a representative about your rebate, please call our rebate center at 1-800-953-3098.

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