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Trouble Shooting...

Problem: Check For: What To Do:
Won’t Fire

Selector lever on Safe

Improper assembly of firing pin retaining pin


Too much oil in firing pin recess

Defective ammunition

Too much carbon on firing pin or in firing pin recess

Put it on FIRE

Assemble correctly; goes in back of large shoulder on firing pin

Wipe out with pipe cleaner

Remove and discard


Bolt won’t unlock Dirty or burred bolt Clean or see a qualified gunsmith
Won’t Extract

Broken extractor spring

Dirty or corroded ammo

Carbon in chamber

Fouling or carbon in extractor recess or lip

See a qualified gunsmith

Remove stuck round - push out with cleaning rod

Clean chamber

Clean extractor

Won't feed

Dirty or corroded ammo

Dirty magazine

Defective magazine

Too many rounds in magazine

Action of buffer assembly is restricted

Magazine not fully seated





Take out excess

Take out buffer and spring. Clean them

Adjust magazine catch: turn catch clockwise to tighten and counter clockwise to loosen

Double Feed Defective magazine Replace
Won't Chamber

Dirty or corroded ammo

Damaged ammo

Carbon in chamber or on gas tube




Won’t Lock Dirt, corrosion, or carbon buildup in barrel locking lugs

Clean lugs


Won’t Extract

Frozen extractor

Restricted buffer assembly

Restricted movement of bolt carrier group


Remove & clean

Remove & clean

Remove, clean, & lube. (before putting bolt back in, make sure gas tube fits into carrier key and that the carrier moves freely).

Short Recoil

Q-tip or pipe cleaner Pieces stuck inside carrier key


Alignment of gaps in bolt gas rings


Carbon or dirt in carrier key or on outside of gas tube

Clean out if possible or have rifle checked by a qualified gunsmith

Gaps in gas rings should be staggered 120° around the bolt body for maximum effectiveness

Clean carrier key or around area of the gas tube


Bolt Fails to Lock
After Last Round

Dirty or corroded bolt latch

Faulty magazine

Clean - or replace bolt catch. Check for buffer end cap backout or obstruction. Check for full travel of bolt carrier

Selector Lever

Needs oil

Dirt or sand under trigger

Lubricate with CLP


Bolt Carrier
“Hung up”
Round jammed between bolt & charging handle or is double feeding Remove magazine. Push in on the bottom of the bolt latch.
While pulling down on the charging handle, tap the rifle butt on the ground. Bolt should lock to the rear.
Warning: Keep clear of muzzle.
Caution: After round is removed, bolt is under tension.
Note: If this procedure fails, use a section of cleaning rod to push the bolt fully to the rear through the ejection port.
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