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Facts About Your New Bushmaster Carbon 15 Firearm

The Bushmaster Carbon 15 rifle/pistol system consists of a firearm, magazine, and instruction manual. It is a very light weight firearm; gas operated, magazine fed, and operates in semi-automatic mode (i.e., a single shot fired each time the trigger is pulled).

  • Caliber is .223 Remington / 5.56mm
  • The upper and lower receivers are easily opened for cleaning and inspection.
  • The bolt group and barrel extension are designed with lugs that lock the bolt group to the barrel extension.
  • The carbon fiber upper and lower receivers reduce the weight of the rifle.
  • Barrel rifling: R.H. twist; 1 in 9”; 6 lands & grooves.


Getting Ready to Shoot:

  • With the safety on, insert the loaded magazine into the magazine well, always making sure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction!
  • Pull the charging handle fully to the rear.
  • Release the charging handle. Do not ride or push the charging handle. Let it move forward on its own.
  • Release bold catch
  • Move lever from safety to fire.
  • Note: If the rifle is not going to be fired immediately, make sure the selector lever is still on safe.


Immediate Action in Case of Trouble…

If your rifle stops firing perform the following immediate actions…

  1. Remove the magazine.
  2. Pull charging handle all the way back.
  3. Check chamber for any obstruction.
  4. Insert the magazine and make sure it’s seated properly.
  5. Pull the charging handle all the way back. RELEASE charging handle to feed a new round. Don’t ride the charging handle forward.
  6. Now fire. If the rifle won’t fire, look for trouble and apply remedial action.

Remedial Action…

If your rifle stops firing with a live round in the chamber of a hot barrel, remove the round fast. If this is not possible to remove within 10 seconds, remove the magazine and wait 15 minutes with rifle pointing in a safe direction (always make sure the safety stays on during that time). This will help prevent injury if a round fires as a result of a hot barrel. Keep your face away from the ejection port while clearing a hot chamber.

  • If your Rifle still fails to fire after performing Steps 1 through 5 above, check again for a jammed cartridge case.
  • If a cartridge case is in the chamber, open the receivers, remove the bolt carrier, and try to tap out the case with a cleaning rod.
  • If your rifle fails to fire, check the trouble shooting section in this manual - or take the rifle to a qualified gunsmith.

Bullet Stuck in the Bore…

WARNING: If an audible “POP” or reduced recoil is experience during firing, IMMEDIATELY CEASE FIRE:


  • Remove the magazine
  • Lock the bolt to the rear
  • Place the selector lever on SAFE
  • Check for a bullet in the bore

Do not apply the “Immediate Actions” previously described. If a bullet is stuck in the barrel of the weapon, do not try to remove it. Take the rifle to a qualified gunsmith.

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