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There are a multitude of ways for the Bushmaster ACR to be upgraded or customized for your specific use. A variety of barrel lengths, profiles, caliber conversion kits, alternate stocks, hand guards, and control parts are available. For a complete listing of replacement parts and accessories please refer to the Bushmaster Parts & Accessories Catalog or go online at

To place an order go online or call 1-800-998-7928 to talk with a Customer Service Representative.


Only authorized Bushmaster parts and accessories are recommended for use with your ACR.


This manual is intended to instruct the Bushmaster ACR Operator in all necessary aspects of Maintenance, Disassembly, Reassembly, Operation and Troubleshooting particular to this firearm.

Within the Bushmaster ACR line of products there can be infinite variations of Barrel Length and Type, Stock Type, Lower Receivers, Hand Guards and Sights.

The Bushmaster ACR you own, or are using, may vary in appearance from the photographs and illustrations in this Manual, but the concepts, procedures and practices recommended in this Manual are universal to the Bushmaster ACR.


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