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Problem: Check For: What To Do:
Firearm won't fire

Selector Lever on SAFE.

Improper Assembly Firing Pin


Correct Barrel Installation

Bolt Not Locked In Chamber

Too Much Oil In Firing Pin Recess

Defective Ammunition

Too Much Carbon On Firing Pin Or In Firing Pin Recess

Put it on FIRE

Assemble Correctly - Retaining Pin Goes In Back Of Large Shoulder On Firing Pin

Remove and Re-Attach

Tap Forward Assist

Wipe Out With Pipe Cleaner

Remove and Discard



Bolt won’t unlock

Dirty or Burred Bolt

Barrel not properly installed

Cam Pin Not Installed

Clean, or See Qualified Gunsmith

Remove and re-attach

Install Cam Pin

Won’t extract

Broken Extractor Spring

Dirty Or Corroded Ammo

Carbon In Chamber

Fouling Or Carbon In Extractor Clean Extractor Recess Or Lip

Frozen Extractor

Restricted Movement of Bolt Carrier Group

See Qualified Gunsmith

Remove Stuck Round Push Out With Cleaning Rod

Clean Chamber

Clean Extractor


Remove and Clean

Remove, Clean and Lube

Won’t feed

Dirty or Corroded Ammo

Dirty Magazine

Defective Magazine

Too Many Rounds in Magazine

Magazine Not Fully Seated

Barrel not properly installed




Take Out Excess

Remove Magazine and Clean Magazine Well

Remove and re-attach

Double feed Defective Magazine Replace
Won’t chamber Dirty or Corroded Ammo Clean
Won’t unlock

Damaged Ammo

Carbon In Chamber

Dirt, Corrosion or Carbon Build Up in Barrel Locking Lugs

Barrel not properly installed



Clean Lugs


Remove and re-attach

Short recoil

Piston Binding in Gas Block

Alignment of Guide Block

Broken Gas Piston Spring

Properly inserted Action Assembly Spring

Proper Setting of Gas Regulator

Bent Gas Piston

Clean Gas Block

Re-align and tighten

Replace part

Realign Action Assembly Spring

Set Correctly for Unsuppressed or Suppressed fire

Replace part

Bolt fails to lock after last round

Faulty Magazine

Proper Setting of Gas Regulator


Set Correctly for Unsuppressed or Suppressed fire

Selector level binds Dirt or Sand Under Trigger
Proper Assembly


Remove and Re-Assemble

Selector lever spins freely

Selector Lever Detent Plate

Engagement to Hammer Spring

See Qualified Gunsmith
Bolt carrier “hung up” Double Feed
Bound Gas Piston

Remedial Action

Clean, Check for Guide Block Alignment


EXTREME COLD: Clean and lubricate Firearm in a warm room with Firearm at room temperature. Do not lay a warm Firearm directly on snow or ice. Moving Firearm from cold into warmth will cause condensation which could keep Firearm from functioning.

HOT WET CLIMATES: Clean and lube Firearm more frequently in moist climates. Inspect hidden surfaces of Bolt and Carrier Assembly, Upper Receiver, and Chamber/Barrel Extension (Locking Lugs), and Lower Receiver for rust or corrosion. Also pay close attention to the Spring Loaded Detents on the Firearm. Wipe off any hand/finger prints on the Firearm as they can accelerate the onset of rust or corrosion.

HOT, DRY CLIMATES: Take extra care with cleaning and lubrication as rifle will be exposed to blowing sand and fine dust, and extreme temperature shifts (hot in the daytime, freezing at night). Corrosion is less likely to form on metal parts in a dry climate. Firearm should not require any lubrication.

HEAVY RAIN: DO NOT FIRE THE FIREARM IF WATER IS PRESENT IN THE BARREL: Excess pressure can cause the Firearm to explode.

ALWAYS drain any water from Barrel prior to firing. Dry the Bore with a Swab and Cleaning Rod if wet.

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