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Please Practice Safe Firearms Handling

Our mission is to manufacture quality firearms, Made With Pride In The USA, and using the best American Made parts. We value our customers, and do our best to assure quality and friendly service. Bushmaster Firearms, Inc. is always striving to make great firearms even better.

Thank you for buying Bushmaster!

This Operation Manual should always accompany this firearm. When you lend, give, or sell this firearm, be sure this manual goes with it. To obtain a replacement manual, write to:

Bushmaster Firearms, Inc.

P.O. Box 556
Madison, NC 27025

Include the serial number, or have it available when making a phone request at 800 883 6229

Note: For any information or details not covered in this Operating Manual, contact our Tech Support Staff at: • 800 883 6229

Before disassembling, loading, or using this firearm, please READ, UNDERSTAND, AND FOLLOW ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS in this manual, regarding proper handling and safe use!


alert.png Caution: If unfamiliar with firearms, seek further advice through Gun Safety Organizations, Local Gun Clubs, NRA Approved Instructors, or similar qualified organizations.
alert.png Warning:  If this firearm is carelessly or improperly handled, unintentional discharge could result and could cause injury, death, or damage to property.
alert.png Warning: This Firearm could chamber and fire a round if it is dropped or jarred with or without a loaded magazine in place – with the bolt carrier assembly locked to the rear, or in its forward position.
alert.png Caution: Use only clean, dry, high quality commercially manufactured ammunition. Use only ammunition that is appropriate for the 7.62x51NATO/.308 Winchester caliber of your firearm.

WARNING: Before Using This Rifle, Read And Follow These Instructions!

If there is anything you do not understand, get help from someone qualified in the safe handling of firearms.

  • Be sure cam pin is installed in the bolt group. If it isn't, your rifle can still fire and will explode.
  • If you are using a blank firing attachment, never fire anything except blank rounds (for safety, we recommend the visible military style blank firing attachment).
  • If your rifle stops firing with a live round in the chamber of a hot barrel (a misfire), remove the round fast. However, if you cannot remove it within 10 seconds, remove magazine and wait 15 minutes with the rifle pointing in a safe direction. This way you won't get hurt by a possible round “cooking-off” (i.e. the round detonating just from the heat of the barrel). In any event, keep your face away from the ejection port while clearing a hot chamber.
  • If your bolt fails to unlock, try to free it by banging the buttstock on the ground while pulling back on charging handle. Always keep  yourself clear of the muzzle.
  • If there's water in the barrel, do not fire the rifle. It could explode.
  • If a noticeable difference in sound or recoil is experienced, STOP FIRING. Either condition could indicate an incomplete powder burn and/or a bullet stuck in the bore.

WARNING: Beware of Dangerous Procedures. Always Practice Safe Firearms Handling!

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